Bob’s Toothpick City Art is a creation from the mind of Bob Morehead. The city has been under construction for many years and currently consists of well over 400,000 toothpicks. No molds or forms have been used in the creative process, just toothpicks and wood glue. Also featured here are many unusual sculptures and various other pieces made with thousands and thousands of toothpicks.

“Bob’s Toothpick City consists of many unique buildings that contain multiple floors and rooms, with stairways connecting one level to the next. Windows allow an eye into the edifices, though their outer surfaces are no less impressive, complete with tiny shingles, bricks, and panels. In the surrounding streets, tunnels, and slopes of the miniature metropolis, there are thousands of individually sanded toothpick rocks and a sea wall of 750 individual blocks. With every skillfully sculpted detail more staggering than the last.”

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