Bob Morehead, born in Naples, Italy, has always been fascinated with the amazing architecture along the Amalfi Coast, as well as many other European port destinations. Drawing inspiration from those memories, along with building tree forts as a child, and a visit to a Ripley’s museum featuring toothpick art, Bob began creating his initial project, now known as Bob’s Toothpick City, in the early 1980’s. Starting as a series of small structures, the city is now a growing metropolis of well over 400,000 toothpicks.

“Bob Morehead makes models out of toothpicks, but he’s taken his hobby to the next level…Bob has incredible talent and attention to detail. All his models are so painstakingly and lovingly crafted that you almost want to climb in and go live in them” — Awesome Inventions

“See This Box Of Toothpicks? What This Guy Does With It Will Leave Your Jaw On The Floor” — Viral Tales

…..”His architecture overflows with shades and secrets that the most meticulous artists enjoy to reproduce in every detail. Bob Morehead creates many types of buildings with toothpicks that offers us an impressive result full of technical mastery, after dozens of hours of persistent work” — Fubiz Media (France)

“For me, creating is like oxygen. I can’t survive without it; it truly is a part of my being, a part of my soul.” — ABC News

…..”Bob Morehead is a self-taught artist who creates incredibly intricate sculptures using only wood glue and toothpicks. Guided by his imagination, and inspiration from the Italian architecture along the Amalfi Coast where he was born, one of Morehead’s most elaborate cityscapes spans 10 feet in length and consists of over 400,000 toothpicks” — BOOM.com

“Bob Morehead has crafted an intricate and labyrinthian cityscape using nothing more than wood glue and basic toothpicks,..with every skillfully sculpted detail more staggering than the last” — My Modern Met.com


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